Alliance for Womens’ Health Research

MediPaCe is extremely excited to announce the initiation of the Alliance for Womens’ Health Research! AWHR is a collaborative group uniting pharmaceutical and medical device companies, patient groups, and academic researchers to improve researched and integrated healthcare options for women1. Together our collective voices and experiences can transform personalised healthcare options for women1 – integrating […]

UKT news

Startups revolutionising the UKs medical industry MediPaCe is honoured to be selected in UKT News’ list of healthcare startups who are bringing innovative medical solutions and setting new standards in health and wellness care. In their article UKT turn the spotlight on fifteen healthcare startups worth watching out for: their offerings and their visionary founders. […]

Book publication news

Patient Centric Sampling By: Jenny Royle, Strategic Lead, MediPaCe Disparities in access to healthcare continues to impact on millions of lives around the globe. Huge strides are being taken to address some of the underlying issues, but when facing the enormity of the challenges – in reality, this is only a small step towards what […]

Mental Health at Work Commitment

We are proud to put employee health at the heart of our organisation We are sharing some very exciting news that we are now signed up the Mental Health at Work Commitment. By signing up we are showing that we are committed to achieving better mental health for everyone who works for, and with us, […]

Improving Relationships Between Industry and Patient Organisations

Improving Relationships Between Industry and Patient Organisations It is now almost universally understood that all stakeholders need to be involved in the co-creation of new therapeutics and treatment pathways to optimise their eventual uptake, utility, and impact. Several initiatives have been launched in recent years to try to increase patient representation in these discussions. However, […]

DIA Global Annual Meeting 2023

DIA Annual Meeting: What did we learn? By: Chi Pakarinen, Programme Lead, MediPaCe DIA Global Annual Meeting concluded two weeks ago and it’s time I pulled my thoughts together to summarise all the key takeaway points and reflections and share them. My LinkedIn posts during the conference were limited by the word count, so now […]

Migraine Awareness Month 2023

Migraine Awareness Month 2023 June is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month in the USA. Half our core staff have regular migraines and we’re pretty certain it’s one of the factors that’s affected our culture, our approach and flexibility, and our bonding as a working family. In support of the campaigns theme ‘educate self, educate […]

Innovation and Patient empowerment in healthcare

Innovation and Patient empowerment in healthcare Patient empowerment Healthcare professionals spend years becoming experts in how to treat disease to help people. When fast decisions need to be made, they are there and can deliver what is best in that situation to make someone healthy. Traditionally the healthcare workers in primary care, the family physician, […]

Call for action: The value of Patient Engagement

Request for Engagement in PhD research: The Value of Patient Engagement Background New medicines and healthcare devices must be founded on solid science and address real needs. For this reason, researchers, physicians, and regulatory authorities have long been consulted throughout research and development (R&D) to ensure that new therapies are sufficiently proven to tackle disease […]

International Women’s Day

Inequalities in health On international women’s day one of the topics that MediPaCe would like to focus on are the inequalities in the way that people experience poor health: diseases, health-information, social reactions to disease, research-funding, health research, care and access. Our aim with this article is to provide an overview of some of the […]