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Migraine Awareness Month 2023

June is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month in the USA. Half our core staff have regular migraines and we’re pretty certain it’s one of the factors that’s affected our culture, our approach and flexibility, and our bonding as a working family. In support of the campaigns theme ‘educate self, educate others’ we’re going throw open our doors to share some of our experiences and thoughts with you through a series of short videos below.For more information about USA migraine awareness month, go to:

For more information about migraines please go to either your local migraine patient organisation, or as a starting point try: or in the US, or in Europe

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Migraine: Personal experience and impact on the workplace

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What is migraine to you?

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From anticipation to first signs – what it’s like to know a migraine is coming

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Impact of migraine on the workplace

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Finding the balance: food, hydration & exercise

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Migraine and the impact of sleep