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MediPaCe is extremely excited to announce the initiation of the Alliance for Womens’ Health Research!

AWHR is a collaborative group uniting pharmaceutical and medical device companies, patient groups, and academic researchers to improve researched and integrated healthcare options for women1.

Together our collective voices and experiences can transform personalised healthcare options for women1 – integrating innovative pharmaceutical care with novel whole-person interventions to improve quality of life and outcomes.

Benefits of Joining the AWHR:

  • You help shape the alliance governance and decision-making processes
  • Participate in facilitated quarterly calls between collaboration members
  • Hear latest results every 6 months from research project(s)
  • Set the agenda for future collaborative work in women’s health

Initial project:

The initial AWHR project focusses on those living with endometriosis-associated chronic pain and aims to provide the essential research foundation for intervention-development that integrates pharmaceutical approaches with whole-person therapies to balanced pain management options – maximising patient outcomes and quality of life.

How You Can Contribute:

  • Funding call: Please contribute what you can using the QR code. All funds go to specified research projects and are ring fenced for AWHR.
  • Expert Participation: Your expertise and active involvement are invaluable, even without financial commitment. We invite all with an interest in improving women’s health to join us in this important endeavour by emailing info@medipace.com.

Scan to contribute in funding OR click here.

1 Our organization recognizes that a person’s gender identity may differ from their sex assigned at birth, and definitions for each project will be aligned accordingly