Patient Centric Sampling

Jenny Strategic Lead, Partner

By: Jenny Royle, Strategic Lead, MediPaCe

Disparities in access to healthcare continues to impact on millions of lives around the globe. Huge strides are being taken to address some of the underlying issues, but when facing the enormity of the challenges – in reality, this is only a small step towards what is needed. Collaboration is the key element required when trying to push through the cultural, historical, infrastructure and financial barriers that slow the pace of change. I am so proud to be part of one of these collaborative groups.

In many situations the traditional roles and boundaries of healthcare must fundamentally change to improve access to care for the most vulnerable in our societies. This poses a problem – whilst the care needs to occur outside of clinics, how can people get reliable, informative, and decision-making results from patients to diagnose, monitor, and treat the conditions that they’re living with every day? The non-profit Patient Centric Sampling Interest Group (PCSIG) is a large cross-industry collaborative group tackling this challenge of achieving reliable sampling, processing, and testing within many countries. Having been a member for many years, I am and honoured to now be on the board of the group and representing MediPaCe as well as PCSIG when helping to deliver these changes in a patient-centric way.


A step on this journey has just been completed through the long-awaited publication of our book. It must be admitted that the title is quite technical “Patient Centric Blood Sampling and Quantitative Analysis” and may elicit either joy or bafflement depending on your background and interest area. It does, however, represent the latest thinking on one of the essential ‘cornerstone’ requirements needed before the more visible access issues can be addressed.

Key opinion leaders and experts in this field contributed to this book, pulling together years of experience developing, implementing, and advancing technologies and approaches in practice. It was an absolute delight to be involved, write a chapter and the book forward, and to see it come to fruition because of the hard work of the editors.

It has been an absolute pleasure and honour to be involved in editing this important book, focussing on patient centric sampling approaches. It brings together leading research and opinions of those at the pinnacle of this emerging subject and hopefully will become a guide for those wishing to learn about and apply this alternative approach to sampling to their own fields of endeavour.” – Neil Spooner (Chair PCSIG and co-editor of the book “Patient Centric Blood Sampling and Quantitative Analysis”.

Thank you to all who have been involved and thank you to all who will use this resource to drive your own innovation further – together we can make a difference!

If you’d like to know more, please contact me at MediPaCe or the chair of the PCSIG, Neil (