Corporate Transformation

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Benchmark assessment
Roadmap development
Process evaluation
Process streamlining
Change management
Stakeholder communication

Case study: strategy

“MediPaCe were a breath of fresh air in their approach and just  “got it!” Going the extra mile to help us streamline  our very complex, fragmented and often frustrating PE processes, unifying everyone along in the process”

Pharmaceutical company

Picture strategy

MediPaCe was founded on the core belief that to deliver the outcomes that matter most to patients you must work in equal partnership with patients themselves.

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This human-centric, inclusive approach is the driving force behind our commitment to provide clients with focussed co-created projects that consistently deliver results.

This data-driven approach underpins MediPaCe’s realistic change-roadmap. It highlights where and how to invest and provides an accepted methodology for easy re-measurement – demonstrating business investment-value and creating momentum for change.

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Process Simplification

Pharmaceutical company processes for directly interacting with patients can quickly become complex, and time consuming.

MediPaCe uses our partnership approach to unite cross-functional teams and work alongside patients to streamline and improve engagement practice.

We collaborate with you to achieve consensus across key stakeholders and support excellence for all who are designing, reviewing, and taking part in engagement activities.

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Example of a Strategic Company Transformation Project

Strategy example
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