Patient Engagement Activities

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Advisory (Ad) Boards
Focus Groups
Co-creation Workshops
Multi-stakeholder sessions
Patient interviews
Patient experience videos
Patient community mapping
Involvement Intelligence
Trial documentation review

“The moderator did an excellent job … I must say that the time flew and I enjoyed being on the meeting.”

Patient participant

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We act with integrity, respect and care for our clients and communities. Most importantly, we love what we do! We are personally invested in the process, developing long-term collaborative relationships with those involved.

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Our commitment is to sustainable, high quality, reciprocal engagement between stakeholders. Our focus is on building long-term relationships between patient communities and pharmaceutical companies so that together they can develop treatments to transform lives.

Our approaches uphold the PFMD quality criteria for engagement and are built with you to ensure the most streamlined plan is developed to address mutual needs.

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Examples of our engagement activities are shown below. They are frequently blended with other capabilities into long-term co-created programmes.

Engagement example
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