Patient Engagement for the Life Sciences is a practical handbook for anyone striving to incorporate patient value in the delivery of medicines from Research and Development into a practical healthcare setting. This book provides a tangible framework of how this can be achieved with and for patients.

The rationale for this change with its environmental accelerators presents a compelling argument for why life science companies need to embrace and partner with patients to deliver the medicines they want.

The handbook presents an operating model on how to embrace and partner with patients through the delivery of five simple pillars. We all, as individuals and collectively, have a responsibility and a vested interest in delivering an experience and outcome that patients want to have.

Do you have your strategy in place to achieve this?

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In communities around the world affected by chronic poverty, conflict or disasters, easily treatable diseases can mean chronic pain, poor quality of life or even a death sentence.   IHP is a unique charity in the UK, working with European healthcare companies to secure donated medicine to meet needs overseas in the most vulnerable communities.

IHP is a UK charity (1105455) and has an MHRA WDA license (42642)