About MediPaCe

MediPaCe is a Patient Engagement and Patient Research Company that was founded on the core belief that to deliver the outcomes that matter most to patients you must work in equal partnership with patients themselves. This human-centric, inclusive approach is the driving force behind our commitment to deliver measurable, long-term and sustainable impact. We have a diverse team that is ideally suited to working in partnerships. 

In addition to our speciality core services, we have broad capabilities and experience of working in diverse groups to foster collaboration. We have expertise at creating an environment where multiple stakeholders and speciality-companies can unify to focus on providing patient benefits – working together in a positive, respectful way to reach shared goals.

In addition to fostering collaboration, our projects are conducted with a clear methodology, focussing on what matters most to patients, healthcare, life science, medical technology, and other stakeholders. We offer specific services in the following areas:

  1. Strategy: Co-creation of unified project and company strategies for patient-focussed work. Delivering on these strategies with streamlined processes and efficiency to ensure that shared goals are achieved and projects are rolled out with the end-user in mind. This optimises uptake, impact and supports patients in achieving improved outcomes.
  2. Engagement: Directly working with patients and enabling their equal partnership in projects so that all stakeholders understand needs and co-create solutions.
  3. Research: Deliver the mixed-methods research required to measure patient experiences and outcomes, characterise real differences made in people’s lives, and then operationalise this to inform decision-making and drive action